Fault Finding on Fanuc Alpha Power Supplies

Fault Finding on Fanuc Alpha Power Supply Modules (Fanuc PSM)

6077/6081/6087 range of Fanuc Alpha Power Supplies

A drive status alarm appears on the 7 segment display “-” refers to drive not ready (Waiting for e-stop signal to power up) “0” refers to drive powered up and OK Any other number or letter on this status display is an alarm

Fanuc Power Supply Alarms
AL-01 : Overcurrent in the Main Power Module.
AL-02 : Cooling Fan Stopped.
AL-03 : The temperature of the main circuit heat sink has risen abnormally.
AL-04 : The DC Voltage has dropped.
AL-05 : The main Capacitor was not recharged within the specified time.
AL-06 : The Input Power Supply is Abnormal.
AL-07 :  In the main circuit the DC Voltage is abnormally high

fanuc alpha power supply fault codes

A common alarm on installation of a new alpha power supply is an AL-05.
If you have this alarm it is worth checking the bus bar connector at the top of the power supply has all four screws in it.
The below pictures are taken from an A06B-6087-H126 Power Supply

It’s worth noting if any of the Fanuc Servo Drives or Fanuc Spindle Drive have alarms on whilst checking the power supply alarm

If you have a faulty alpha power supply or need help with one, Fanuc Power Supply Contact

fanuc power supply module alarms
How to avoid alarm 5 2 screws bad
Fanuc Alpha Power Supply Alarm 5
How to avoid alarm 5 4 Screws Good

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