Fanuc Cleaning, Inspection & Fault Diagnosis

Fanuc Cleaning, Inspection and Fault Diagnosis

A percentage of drives will fail due to inadequate ventilation. The main cause of this is build up of dirt, swarf, oil and other such contaminants.

When we receive a  Fanuc part we will strip it and give it a good wash to clear off any contaminants. We change any parts like Fans etc that may be failing due to age or blockage. PCB’S are cleaned using a PCB friendly solution, All parts are left to dry in our drying cabinet to make sure no excess water remains

Here is an example of work undertaken recently.

We had delivery of these two Fanuc Alpha Units for test and repair. The power supply was reported faulty.
A06B-6087-H130 Fanuc Alpha Power Supply
A06B-6079-H206 Fanuc Twin Axis Servo Drive

As you can see both drives were covered in dirt. No ventilation was passing through the power supply and with the fan not working due to excess build up of dirt. This had caused an extra load to be put through components which had then failed.

Fanuc drives testing
Fanuc Drives as they were sent to us
Fanuc Specialist
Fanuc Amplifier Servicing
A06B-6087-H130 Input Power Connection End
Fanuc Fault Diagnostic Company
Fanuc Fan has a build up of oil and dirt

Both drives were stripped and washed, Fans replaced and put through our washing system. Faulty components changed on the Fanuc Power Supply.
The drives were assembled back together and placed on our test rigs for a full test under closed loop conditions. The servo drive was not found to be faulty but left in the condition it was in it would not have been long before a failure occurred.

The below pictures show the Fanuc drives after we gave them our special overhaul and clean.

after cleaning and servicing
Clean drives, New fan and metal work now free of gunk
A06B 6079 H206 Clean
Clean drives, New fan and metal work now free of gunk
A06B 6087 H130 Testing
As you can see the ventilation fans on this A06B-6087-H130 Fanuc Power supply are now clear
A06B6087H130 Refurbished and Serviced
Looking as good as new

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