Fanuc Servo Amplifier Alarms & Switch Settings

A06B-6089-Hxx and A06B-6090-Hxx Fanuc Servo Amplifier Alarms and Switch Settings

Here is a quick guide to alarms and the switch settings found on the A06B-6089 HXXX Fanuc Servo Drives

Any alarms are displayed on the 7 Segment display of the front of the drive. These alarms are also similar on the A06B-6066 type drives.

Alarm 01 (AL-01) HV Alarm.
High Voltage Alarm

fanuc servo amplifier dip switch settings

Alarm 02 (AL-02) LV Alarm.
Low Voltage Alarm

Alarm 03 (AL-03) LVDC Alarm.
Low DC Link Voltage

Alarm 04 (AL-04) DSCW Alarm.
Regenerative Discharge Control Circuit Failure alarm

Alarm 05 (AL-05) DCOH Alarm.
Over-Regenerative Discharge Alarm

Alarm 07 (AL-07) DBRLY Alarm.
Dynamic Brake Circuit Failure Alarm

Alarm 08 (AL-08) HCL Alarm.
L Axis Over Current Alarm

Alarm 08. (AL-08.) IPM Alarm.
L Axis IPM Alarm

Alarm 09 (AL-09) HCM Alarm.
M Axis Over Current Alarm

Alarm 09. (AL-09.) IMP Alarm.
M Axis IPM Alarm

Alarm b (AL-b) HCLM Alarm.
L, M Axis Over Current Alarm.

Alarm b. (AL-b.) IPM Alarm.
L, M Axis IPM Alarm.

Fanuc Repairs
Fanuc Servo Amplifier Alarms and Switch Settings below.

There is a four-channel switch located above the 7 Segment display behind the terminal board cover on the front of the servo amplifier unit.

The switch is to be set as the below settings depending on your machine set up.

A06B-6089-Hxx and A06B-6090-Hxx Fanuc Servo Amplifier Unit Alarms and Switch Settings

Switch 1.
On = Type B Interface
Off = Type A Interface

The following Fanuc Controls use the Type A Interface
Fanuc-0C, Fanuc-15A, Fanuc 15B, Fanuc 16A, Fanuc 16B, Fanuc 18A, Fanuc 21TA, Fanuc Power Mate D, Fanuc Power Mate F.

The following Fanuc Controls use the Type B Interface
Fanuc-20, Fanuc-21TB, Fanuc-21GA, Fanuc-16B, Fanuc-18B, Fanuc Power Mate H.

Switch 2.
Off = SVU

A06B-6089-Hxx Drives are SVU Specification
A06B-6090-Hxx Drives are SVUC Specification

If set incorrectly a VRDY OFF alarm may occur

We can not stress this enough that if you get a drive to make sure you have it set to your set up, A customer recently complained of a drive not working and sent the drive back to us without supplying full fault details or pictures.
Upon testing it we could not find a fault and shipped it back, The customer still had difficulty, Upon supplying pictures we discovered he was using a Type B interface and not a Type A which the drive was set for. Once we informed the correct switch setting and double checked it was the same on his service exchange drive he still had he was a happy customer with a working machine again.

Switch 3 and 4. – Discharge Resistor Setting

For drives type SVU1- (12,20)
3             4       Regenerative Discharge Resistor
On          On         Built-In
On          Off         A06B-6089-H510
Off          On         A06B-6089-H500

For drives type SVU1-(40,80), SVU2
3             4       Regenerative Discharge Resistor
On          On         Built-In
On          Off         A06B-6089-H500
Off          Off         A06B-6089-H713, A06B-6089-H714

For drives type SVU1-130
3             4       Regenerative Discharge Resistor
On          On         Built-In
On          Off         A06B-6089-H711
Off          Off         A06B-6089-H712

If connecting a Separate Regenerative Discharge Resistor please note the link connecting terminals, RC and R1 must be removed and also the link connecting TH1 and TH2.
Pins 1 and 2 of the resistor are connected to RC and Re and the Thermostat Pins 3 and 4 are connected to TH1 and TH2

Identifying Model and the Drive Type

If you need to know your model number or Drive Type please use the below table

MODEL                 DRIVE TYPE                      MAIN PCB                         Control PCB

SVU1-12               A06B-6089-H101               A16B-2202-0950                A20B-2002-0030
SVU1-20               A06B-6089-H102               A16B-2202-0951                A20B-2002-0030
SVU1-40               A06B-6089-H104               A16B-2002-0040                A20B-2002-0031
SVU1-80               A06B-6089-H105               A16B-2002-0041                A20B-2002-0031
SVU1-130             A06B-6089-H106               A16B-2002-0050                A20B-2002-0031

SVU2-12/12          A06B-6089-H201               A16B-2002-0060                A20B-2002-0032
SVU2-12/20          A06B-6089-H202               A16B-2002-0061                A20B-2002-0032
SVU2-20/20          A06B-6089-H203               A16B-2002-0062                A20B-2002-0032
SVU2-12/40          A06B-6089-H204               A16B-2002-0063                A20B-2002-0032
SVU2-20/40          A06B-6089-H205               A16B-2002-0064                A20B-2002-0032
SVU2-40/40          A06B-6089-H206               A16B-2002-0065                A20B-2002-0032
SVU2-40/80          A06B-6089-H207               A16B-2002-0066                A20B-2002-0032
SVU2- 80/80         A06B-6089-H208               A16B-2002-0067                A20B-2002-0032
SVU2-12/80          A06B-6089-H209               A16B-2002-0068                A20B-2002-0032
SVU2-20/80          A06B-6089-H210               A16B-2002-0069                A20B-2002-0032

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