Initializing Bubble Memory Card Fanuc 6 Control

How to Initialize Bubble Memory Card on the Fanuc 6 Control

If you have one of the following alarms it suggests you have an Error with your Bubble Memory Card

Number Content
901 No maker error occurs when power is turned on
905 No marker error occurs
906 Many defect loop error occurs

You can try the following to clear the error on the card or replace the card. Follow the instructions below to Initialize the card

For replacement memory cards please visit

With power off remove the bubble memory card or have the replacement card in front of you.
On the Fanuc card is a silver sticker this has on it the defective loop data and bubble data, Also on the card is the device number

Defective Loop Data of the a87l-0001-0085

Fanuc 6 Bubble Memory Card Installation Procedure

The number of devices differs according to the memory capacity of the bubble memory card.

Memory Capacity Device Number
20M(15M) 1
40M 2
80M 1
320M 4

Replace/Insert the memory card back into the Masterboard ready to power the machine up.

As you power the machine back up hold in the [-] and [.] keys and the IL Mode Screen will be displayed. (See the flow chart at the bottom for what this screen will look like)

Press button 4 (Bubble) then option 2 (Write by manual)
You will be shown a screen asking “MAKE BMU SWITCH ON”find the bmu switch on the masterboard and flick to the “ON” position

Once done the screen will change and you will be asked to key in the defective loop data for Device 1 If your card has more then one device you will be asked to enter them in sequence.
Using the numerical keypad enter the defective loop data number and press “INPUT” once done.
Once all the defective data has been entered press the “START” button to write all the data.

If you have a defective card or a problem with the card now is the time an alarm will be displayed.
If everything is ok a screen will pop up showing the device data and defective loop data, If all correct switch the BMU switch off and power down the control

Power back up the machine, You should now be bubble alarm message free but you may have other alarms displayed as you need to re-enter your parameters.

Initializing Bubble Memory Card Fanuc 6 Control

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  1. I Have tried the sequence written below but when I press (-) and (.) this buttons on my screen it doesn’t show’s he 4 option it only show’s 3 option 1.tape 2.memory 3.enpane.
    please suggest
    fanuc 6m controller


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