Fanuc Repair Service for UK and Europe

We are happy to take on Fanuc repairs of your Fanuc Spare Parts.
To help us quote you a fixed price repair service please fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page. The details we would need are, The part number of your Fanuc item, The more fault details you could supply us with the better, For example if it is a Fanuc Alpha Drive it is good for us to know if you have an alarm code displayed on the 7 segment display of the drive, any alarm messages on your Fanuc CNC and a bit of history of regarding the fault would be of use.
We have undertaken various repairs, From simple jobs like Fanuc Servo Drive’s that required a quick change of a blown transistor which then was retested on our closed loop Fanuc Test Rig, To jobs like the Fanuc AC Spindle Drive below. The A06B-6055-H206 Fanuc AC Spindle Drive was sent to us for repair with a reported “Alarm 12 and or Alarm 03 problems”. As we looked into the drive we found it was not just a case of one or two components causing the problem but a multitude of parts. ┬áThe below photo contains all the components we found to be faulty. Components are from the base and the A20B-1001-0120 Top Card

Fanuc Repair Service

The components were replaced and the base and the top card checked. Once satisfied all the broken components had been changed and all circuits checked so no further damage would occur we then tested then drive and left it cycling our Fanuc Spindle Motor before returning to the customer.

If you have need of a repair please contact us

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