Fault Finding On Fanuc Alpha Servo Drives

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Fanuc repairs

Fault Finding on Fanuc Alpha Servo Amplifiers This information refers to the 6079/6080/6096 range of Fanuc Servo Drives A drive status alarm appears on the 7 segment display “-” refers to drive not ready (Waiting for an Emergency Stop signal to power up) “0” refers to drive powered up and OK Any other number or letter on this status display is an alarm A common fault is reporting an “8” alarm when the alarm is an “8.” ignoring or adding the full stop An “8” and an “8.” are different alarms (see below) This is also true for alarms “6” “6.”, “9” “9.” and “A” “A.”
Is the drive faulty? A List of Fanuc error codes can be found further down this blog

Fanuc Alpha Servo Drive Repair Switch S1 and S2 setting on a Fanuc Alpha Servo Drive. A06B-6079-H106

1 – Check the link (6079 drives only) A 6079 drive can give a fault…

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